Journalists and Smartphones

Smartphones in this day and age have become so useful in so many ways. And one of them is news reporting. Not only are they small and convenient, they are also very handy for recording videos and audios due to the advancement in their camera and microphone quality. A smartphone is basically one giant recording studio compressed into one small handheld device.  You don’t need a professional microphone or a professional camera when you have your smartphone with you.

There are also plenty of applications that work like a recording work station, available for smartphone users to download onto their phones to help edit their videos and audios.

Smartphones have made a significant impact in the journalism world today due to the fact that they are more accessible at anytime of the day, and journalists are able to easily record a situation without having to bring their entire camera crew. Journalists have learned to embrace the goodness of smartphones and are actively using them to record news stories. Amateur eyewitnesses who happened to be at a scene, citizen journalists and even professional journalists are taking on this excellent breakthrough.

Smartphones have become an essential and important tool for journalists because they will help journalists keep up with the events that happen around them and allow them to almost instantaneously capture that moment. Without a smartphone, they might lose out on capturing significant occasions, losing their chance to broadcast that monumental happening. Smartphones can also be used to produce written news stories. News is so easily accessible and deliverable just by a simple click on your smartphones.

Top 5 mobile phones for journalists



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